I. Community Schools Initiative

- Support WCCUSD staff in securing mental health services for WCCUSD students especially for Kennedy catchment of schools that have been historically underserved 

- Learn about the current status of the district led community schools initiative 

- Work with Mayor and Council Members to determine how the City can better support our public schools


II. Housing for ALL!

Support Unsheltered Residents

- Visit all D3 encampments

- Understand current city led initiatives regarding unsheltered residents

Mira Flores

- Gather information about the current obstacles and status of the Mira Flores Project


III. District 3: Economic Development

- Assess the needs of D3 small businesses

- Understand city and developer led plans for D3 business districts

- Map opportunities for development of vacant district 3 properties

- Communicate to D3 residents in status of existing D3 projects

1. Expansion of Wellness Trail

2. Expansion of Urban Forest

3. Boreman Park Revitalization

- Identify other D3 Parks in need of revitalization and activation


IV. Healthy Neighborhoods

- Research current city led traffic calming plans for D3

- Create a plan to improve traffic safety in D3


V. Climate Justice and Disaster Preparedness

- Identify and assess climate and disaster preparedness policy opportunities